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Introducing the categories in JPNS


Dear all,

We are pleased to introduce the categories available in The Journal of Palembang Nursing Studies (JPNS).

In our efforts to enhance and maintain the quality of JPNS, we have organized articles into specific categories based on the scope of the journal. This categorization is intended to make it easier for readers, academicians, and researchers to locate published articles that align with their interests.

The categories in JPNS are as follows:

  1. Medical-Surgical Nursing 
  2. Critical, Emergency, & Disaster Nursing 
  3. Maternity & Pediatric Nursing 
  4. Community & Mental Health Nursing 
  5. Nursing Management 
  6. Fundamental Nursing 
  7. Gerontological Nursing 
  8. Nursing Theory and Policy 

These categories cover a wide range of nursing topics, allowing readers to access and delve into articles that are relevant to their specific interests and research areas. We hope this will enhance your experience with JPNS and aid you in finding valuable and pertinent content within the journal.

Thank you for your continued support.


Best regards,

Hidayat Arifin

Editor-in-Chief of JPNS