Optimization of Telenursing in Combating COVID-19: Preparation for Transitioning from Pandemic to Endemic Era


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Mafula, D., & Satrio Pambudi, B. (2022). Optimization of Telenursing in Combating COVID-19: Preparation for Transitioning from Pandemic to Endemic Era. The Journal of Palembang Nursing Studies, 1(2), 61-63. https://doi.org/10.55048/jpns.v1i2.20


COVID-19 conducted the worst impact in many aspects, especially in Health Care Workers (HCW) as a first liner. Abundant quantities of people infected by COVID-19 were far beyond the hospital's capability in many areas, thus making them neglected and generating an unpleasant favor toward HCW. Approval of a new strategy is needed to overcome those problems, which telenursing has a role in it. However, are there any aspects that could make it feasible in Indonesia? Bear in mind that this practice is not favored here. This editorial was carried out to explain what was happening and what action could be taken to solve it.


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