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Focus & Scope

The focus of The Journal of Palembang Nursing Studies (JPNS) includes nursing and healthcare studies from various countries, rural, and urban areas to support nursing and healthcare practices.

The scopes of JPNS consist of:

  • Medical-surgical nursing in the area of adult care, communicable and non-communicable diseases. 
  • Critical care, emergency, and disaster nursing included critical care, emergency planning, care, and intervention, and also nursing study in the disaster area. 
  • Maternity and pediatric nursing in the area of women's health, pregnancy (pre, intra, and post-partum care), pediatric, children, and adolescent care
  • Community and mental health nursing covered studies such as community intervention in the health community (prevention dan preventive care)  and included the mental health study in the community or hospital settings. 
  • Management in nursing in the hospital setting.
  • Fundamental nursing covered basic nursing studies to solve the patient's problems and complete the patient's needs. 
  • Gerontological nursing that focuses on the older adults population
  • Nursing theory and nursing policy.